Chiropractor Gary Storkan Explains His Methods In Book

Dr. Gary Storkan in his office at 2610 Trinity Dr., Ste. 22. Photo by Jenn Bartram/

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Why did local chiropractor Dr. Gary Storkan write a book? Because his patients asked him to! Published in 2019 and currently under revision “Understand Your Body: Multidimensional Healing Method to Regain Your Health” is the product of more than 30 years in clinical practice.

Storkan has been in Los Alamos for 33 out of the 36 years he’s been practicing. He spent three years working in Santa Fe. He did both practices for awhile before deciding to concentrate on the Los Alamos office.

“When we had children, Sage Montessori in White Rock was considered one of the best in the Southwest,” Storkan said. “We wanted that for our children. My wife Jennifer later became a Montessori teacher, first at Sage and then at Quemazon Montessori where she has been the lead teacher for many years.

“Understand Your Body” is a self-help book, Storkan said.

“I wanted to let people know that if they look at their body in a new way, it could reveal where their problems were coming from,” he said. “I see the body as a grid of energy. When you have this body, anything that affects one part affects the whole. The body is spending so much time coping with underlying dysfunction, it can’t cope with its environment.”

One condition Storkan often treats is anxiety and his discussion of this condition can serve as an example of his method as it’s outlined in the book.

“We’re living in a stressful time in our society,” Storkan said. “Once I get the adrenals working, the anxiety usually disappears. Adrenals are the first line of defense against stress. Adrenal function is something that seems to be overlooked by the medical profession. When I’m working with a patient, I try to find out what is causing the adrenals to weaken.”

The cause can be an emotional situation or old hidden anger from childhood but it could also be food allergies or even a virus, Storkan said.

Rebuilding the adrenals can require nutrition from a glandular extract, but it may also require work to deal with emotions like anger and fear.

“I use a technique to erase that emotional energy in the body,” Storkan said. “The patient visualizes that emotion and I tap the treatment point for that emotion. I let go of my ideas and ask the body what’s wrong.”

Techniques like muscle testing and acupressure help with diagnosis. One interesting technique involves different dimensions or energy states.

“Sometimes a person’s energy is so scrambled that the body can’t respond properly,” Storkan said. “The body goes into another frequency. I ask the body if it’s in another dimension and then I go to that dimension so the body can communicate. I started reading about quantum physics. There’s something real going on, but I don’t have the background to explain it. What I know is dimensional work has really helped a lot of patients.”

In addition to the adrenals, Storkan also targets the thyroid and pituitary glands and looks closely at liver function. And of course he looks at the spine and the muscles, a mainstay of chiropractic treatment.

“I’ve found things that work and I concentrate on them,” he said. “I’m a very logical person and I’m results oriented. If I don’t see results, I move on to a different technique.”

Storkan’s book includes some basic self-testing and treatment techniques, but its main purpose is to give people the skill to allow them to choose someone who can help them, he said.

“My patients want to understand the process,” Storkan said. “It seems magical, but it’s not. The body is a miracle!”

Storkan said his patients have taught him much more than any class, seminar or book.

“My patients are like family to me,” he said. “I really work hard to find out how to help them.”

Storkan loves his work and has no current retirement plans. People come from all over to consult him, patients often bringing family members. Although he doesn’t accept insurance, people still come in and the practice is always busy, especially during allergy season, he said.

Storkan’s daughter is attending acupuncture school, following in her father’s footsteps as a holistic healer.
Storkan helps patients function within their own lifestyles, rather than urging them to adopt something they are uncomfortable with.

“Once the body has the energy it needs, it can adapt to its surroundings,” he said.

“Understanding the Body” is available from Dr. Storkan and through links to various booksellers on his website at His office is at 2610 Trinity Dr., Suite 22. Call 505.662.2077 to learn more or schedule an appointment.

Dr. Gary Storkan in his office at 2610 Trinity Dr., Ste. 22.. Photo by Jenn Bartram/

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