Children’s Clinic Of Los Alamos Joins List Of Sponsors Of Nature Playtimes At The Nature Center

PEEC News:

The American Academy of Pediatrics says, “Nature places virtually no bounds on the imagination and engages all of the senses. For all children, this setting allows for the full blossoming of creativity, curiosity, and the associated developmental advances. The outdoors also presents marvelous opportunities for parents to interact with their children in a fashion that fosters both the development of the relationship and the child. The great outdoors can move children away from the passive entertainment of computers and TV and into an interactive forum that engages both mind and body.”

Local pediatricians at the Children’s Clinic are sponsoring a session of the Pajarito Environmental Education Center’s Nature Playtimes. Nature Playtimes are offered free of charge at 10-11 a.m., every Monday (except holidays) at the Los Alamos Nature Center on Canyon Road.

Children and their caregivers explore the nature world through age-appropriate imaginary play, songs, games, and crafts. Nature Playtimes are a time for children to get a little dirty while engaging in “loose parts” play that is so critical for healthy development, and for parents to bond with their children and with other families who enjoy being outdoors. In the past year, PEEC has had over one thousand kid visits to Nature Playtimes, and Monday mornings are always an active, fun, and busy time at the nature center.

Grants and sponsorships are an important part of keeping Nature Playtimes free for all who wish to attend. In the past, Nature Playtimes have been sponsored by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico, the Albert I. Pierce Foundation, and others who recognize the importance of getting children off screens and outside to play.

The Pajarito Environmental Education Center is a 501(c)3 organization, so that all contributions and sponsorships of Nature Playtimes are tax deductible. Nature Playtimes sponsorships offer local businesses a great way to reach young, growing families. For more information about sponsoring Nature Playtimes, contact Executive Director Katherine Watson at 505.662.0460 or