Children’s Author Dirk Wales Interactive Show At Mesa Public Library Promotes Storytelling

Children’s author Dirk Wales’ new show in the Upstairs Gallery at Mesa Public Library for the month of May encourages you to tell your own stories. Courtesy photo
Dirk Wales encourages kids to tell their own stories at Mesa Public Library. Courtesy photo


There’s a new show in the Upstairs Gallery at Mesa Public Library for the month of May – and it encourages you to tell your own stories. Artist and author Dirk Wales is on a mission to have others experience the joys of story-telling.

Dirk Wales has been a story-teller his whole life, in one form or another- through film, text, visual imagery, or the spoken word. His new show in the Upstairs Gallery features story-telling for children, with the release of his latest book, “Inspiration and Story-telling- Creating Children’s Books.”  He hopes to inspire everyone to first find, and then write, their own stories.

Wales was not much of a reader as a child, only discovering books after college at UCLA, where he majored in theater. But once he discovered the stories, he was hooked and wanted to be able to tell stories that were as exciting as the ones by his favorite author, Jack London. Wales’ book “Jack London’s Dog” imagines the life of Jack, the dog who was a real-life friend to Jack London during the 1897 Yukon Gold Rush and the model for Buck in London’s 1903 book “The Call of the Wild.”

Wales has spent much of his career as a film-maker, with his own studio, where he produced award-winning films. His animated films “Ben’s Dream” and “New Friends,” which he produced with collaborator Diane Kenna, received 21 national and international awards.

Of late, he has focused his creative attention on books for children, as well as his latest work, a book about creating those children’s books. Popular titles at the library include “The Giraffe Who Walked to Paris” and “A Lucky Dog,” about the U.S. Rail Mail Mascot, Owney. Both are true stories. He has followed up with a second book about Owney, called “The Further Adventures of “I’ve been a creative person my whole life,” Wales said. “I’m just a lucky dog!”

The Upstairs Art Gallery at Mesa is open during regular Library hours. Shows change nearly every month, usually around the first of each month. Upcoming exhibits include works by the artist’s collective Third Paradigm, a solo show by artist Maureen Howles, and a solo show by artist Kirsten Stromberg.

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