Chamisa Elementary School Students Participate In RoboRave International Robotics In Albuquerque

Chamisa Elementary School students from left, Zoe Bent, Lucia Chacon, Radhman Azad, Uxue Sansinena and Mila Gelfand along with their coach, Susan Hettinga, participated in the 18th RoboRave International Robotics Event in Albuquerque. Courtesy photo
Radhman Azad, Lucia Chacon and Uxue Sansinena working hard on the Line Following Challenge. Courtesy photo
LAPS News:
Five Chamisa Elementary 6th graders participated in the 18th annual RoboRave International Robotics Event in Albuquerque in early May. Students Zoe Bent, Lucia Chacon, Radhman Azad, Uxue Sansinena and Mila Gelfand, along with Coach Susan Hettinga, competed against 6th, 7th and 8th graders.
“This was a wonderful experience for these students,” Hettinga said. “They said that they had a great time overall and would love to do this again in the future.”
RoboRave is used to help teach students how to build, design and program robots to complete various tasks. This year’s contest saw over 1,000 participants from six different countries with over 350 teams. There were four categories: Elementary, Middle School, High School and a “Big Kids” for the adults to participate.
The Chamisa students formed two teams and participated in two different challenges. The “Atomic Cats,” with Zoe Bent and Mila Gelfand, worked on the SumoBot challenge.  The goal of this challenge is to push one or more opponents off an elevated wrestling ring. They participated in 25 rounds with two other robots, winning a number of the matches, and finishing in the top quarter of nearly 80 teams total.    
Radhman, Lucia and Uxue  made up the “Uxralu” and participated in the Line Following Challenge, which consisted of many parts. The robot had to follow a line to a tower, navigate one intersection, deliver at least 1 ping pong ball, and then return to home, in under 3 minutes. They worked very hard and overcame many difficulties, winning a total of 875 points for 5 runs.