Chamisa Elementary School Student Kyler Young To Attend Southwest District Kiwanis International

Chamisa sixth grader Kyler Young with his art teacher Renee Mitsunaga. Young will represent K-kids of New Mexico at the Southwest District Kiwanis International. Courtesy photo


Sixth grade student Kyler Young from Chamisa Elementary School has been selected to represent the K-kids Club of New Mexico at the Southwest District Kiwanis International. 

K-kids is a service club sponsored by the Kiwanis and led by elementary students, that is designed to teach the value of helping others by taking part in community service projects.

Young was nominated by his peers and art teacher Renee Mitsunaga to represent New Mexico K-kids at the K-kids Southwest Regional. Kyler has close ties to several of the five states represented at the regional conference.

“I was born in Oklahoma, my roots are in Texas, and I now live in beautiful New Mexico,” he said. “I’ve got three of these states covered!” 

Kyler and his family would like to recognize  Mitsunaga for being such a gifted and influential art teacher, who so willingly goes above and beyond to support all her students. 

This year’s convention took place over the week of March 2 at the Santa Fe Convention Center.