Chamisa Elementary School Helps Set New Guinness World Record

Speed stacking underway at Chamisa Elementary School. Courtesy/LAPS
Chamisa Elementary School has participated in speed stacking for the last three years. Courtesy photo
LAPS News:

Chamisa Elementary School participated Nov. 12 in a World Sports Stacking Association (WSSA) Guinness World Record. The WSSA is trying to get 610,000 speed stackers in the world playing with cups in a 24-hour period.

Chamisa has participated in the last three years, and the WSSA has set new records ever year from 2006-2014. It is always fun and the students love being active in Physical Education Class.
Sport Stacking is a challenging and fun motor-skilled activity. Much like juggling, Sport Stacking focuses on hand-eye coordination and dexterity, but with a much higher success rate. It is easy to learn and is great fun for all student ability levels. Just like golf, where you are trying to beat your best score, students can try and beat their best times at all of the different stacks.
Speed Stacks is a very cool way for students to work on bilateral coordination, because it has the students use the right and the left hemispheres of their brain. It can also have an impact on the students’ fitness. It has been shown that Speed Stacking energy expenditure is similar to other activities like bowling, volleyball, and walking. It also builds the students’ hand-eye coordination along with their reaction time.
Some of the other things that make Speed Stacking great is it can be done by the very young and the old, so age is not a factor in your ability to be a Speed Stacker. It can also be done by yourself or as a team, and there is even partner stacking. All of these things make Speed Stacking a great activity for all people.
There are more than 20 countries that have participated this year, with all 50 states and Washington, D.C. There were 19 schools in New Mexico that participated.