BREAKING NEWS: EEOC Finds in Favor of Former Assistant County Administrator Diana Stepan

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission rendered its decision late Thursday in the case of former Assistant County Administrator Diana Stepan’s charges against Los Alamos County.

The EEOC found the County guilty of sex discrimination as well as retaliation against Stepan who was fired Jan. 3, 2011 after filing a grievance against former County Administrator Tony Mortillaro. 

Attorney Sam Bregman spoke to the Los Alamos Daily Post a short time ago about the EEOC ruling in his client’s favor.

“We are very pleased and not surprised with the decision of the EEOC,” Bregman said. “All along we were convinced that Diana was discriminated against and we will now hold Los Alamos County responsible in a court of law.”

Council Chair Sharon Stover was returning to town when word of the EEOC ruling broke a few minutes ago. She is obtaining a copy of that ruling and intends to comment. County Administrator Harry Burgess said Friday evening that he will comment once he obtains the documents regarding the EEOC ruling.


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