Book Signing Tonight: Scott Ortman and “Winds from the North”

Mesa Verde rockshelter dwelling site. Photo by

SFI News:

Despite a century of research, no consensus exists on how, or if, the abandonment of Mesa Verde and the formation of the Rio Grande Pueblos are related.

In “Winds from the North: Tewa Origins and Historical Anthropology” (University of Utah Press, February 2012), SFI Omidyar Fellow Scott Ortman proposes a compelling solution to this problem through and investigation of the genetic, linguistic, and cultural heritage of the Tewa Pueblo people of New Mexico.

Ortman will give a brief overview of “Winds from the North,” and sign copies, at 6 p.m. today, Wednesday May 30, at Collected Works Bookstore & Coffeehouse, 202 Galisteo St. in Santa Fe.

Ortman’s dissertation, which serves as the basis for this book, won the Society for American Archaeology Dissertation Award in 2011.