Board Of Public Utilities Selects Future Energy Resources Committee Members

BPU News:

In accordance with an adopted motion last January to form a Future Energy Resources (FER) Ad Hoc Citizen Committee, the Board of Public Utilities (BPU) appointed four individuals to serve on the seven member committee.  

From a pool of 15 applications, the following individuals were appointed at last night’s Board meeting to serve on the FER Committee: 

  • Edward Birnbaum;
  • Robert Gibson;
  • Kathleen Taylor; and
  • Craig Wehner.

Birnbaum and Gibson will represent citizens at large, Taylor will represent citizens with rooftop solar generation, and Wehner will represent the business community.  All four will join Joan Ahlers representing the Los Alamos Public Schools, Grant Stewart representing Los Alamos National Laboratory, and Don Machen representing the County’s Environmental Sustainability Board. 

The FER Committee is charged to examine and recommend to the Board a definition of carbon neutrality for the county, study and recommend future energy generation resources, and study and recommend policy toward distributed generation in the County.  Meetings will begin this March with the committee developing a recommendation by July.

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