Board Denies Appeal On Stop Work Order For UnQuarked

Today members of the Los Alamos County Board of Appeals Chair Terry Priestley, top left, Philo Shelton, top right, and Randall Ryti, bottom right, conduct the third and final hearing of Sirphey LLC v. County Building Official Michael Arellano. The appeal made by Sirphey LLC regarding a stop work order issued Nov. 22, 2019 was unanimously denied. Also participating in the hearing were County Chief Building Official Michael Arellano and Assistant County Attorney Kevin Powers, top center, and Sirphey LLC Owner Prashant Jain, bottom left. Jain was joined by Sirphey Communications Director Cortni Nucklos. Screenshot/LADP

Staff Report:

After three days of hearings and almost 30 hours of testimonies, cross examinations, opening and closing statements, the Los Alamos County Board of Appeals voted 3-0 today to deny Sirphey LLC’s appeal regarding a stop work order issued Nov. 22, 2019 to UnQuarked at 813 Central Ave.

The board stated that the appellant, Sirphey LLC, which was represented by Owner Prashant Jain, failed to prove that the stop work order was unlawful, arbitrary and capricious.

The board was made up of Planning and Zoning Chairman Terry Priestley, Department of Public Utilities Manager Philo Shelton and County Council Vice Chair Randall Ryti. The County was represented by Assistant Attorneys Kevin Powers and Katie Thwaites.

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