Blue Sky Pilates Moves to New Location

Mary Lutes working out. Courtesy photo

Blue Sky Pilates Moves to New Location

  • Larger space means more classes

By Mandy Marksteiner

Blue Sky Pilates has moved to the suite where Karen Wray Fine Art was previously located at 2012 Trinity Dr., Suite B-2.

More classes and a more flexible schedule

The larger space makes it possible for owner Mary Lutes to fit more clients into her schedule, offer more mat classes during the week, and have a smooth transition between private sessions and classes because she no longer has to move heavy equipment.

Blue Sky Pilates offers mat classes for people of all fitness levels, sitting Pilates, and five Reformer classes. “I require four private sessions before I let people join a class,” Lutes said. “My top concern is people’s health and safety.”

Mary Lutes working out. Courtesy photo

New equipment will accommodate all fitness levels

This summer Lutes will order a Trapeze Table and a Ladder Barrel to accommodate people at a range of fitness levels.

The Trapeze Table is a raised horizontal table topped with a four-poster canopy with bars, straps and strings. While it may look like you need to be in incredible shape to use the Trapeze Table, Lutes explained how she would use it to work with people with limited abilities.

“A lot of my clients can’t do a sit-up properly,” Lutes said. “The Trapeze table makes it possible for people to do everything from spring-assisted sit-ups to advanced acrobatics.”

Ten years ago, Lutes discovered Pilates as a way to cope with fibromyalgia, and has progressed from hardly being able to walk to completing a Triathlon

Her personal experience with Pilates makes her especially effective when working with people with multiple body issues.

She can tailor a workout around most injuries and disabilities, and incorporates pain relief methods into her workouts. “I can’t make pain go away forever, but I can make it calm down.”

The Jump Board on the Reformer makes it possible for athletes to get an aerobic gravity-free workout even if running is not possible. “It strengthens every muscle in your body and your core at the same time.”

“Whether you’re completing a marathon or just want to get out of bed and have your life back, I can work with you,” Lutes said. “You can come in here, barely able to walk, and I can tailor-make a safe and beneficial workout.”

Five new teachers

The new space makes it possible for Blue Sky Pilates to offer classes taught by five independent teachers:

  • Theresa Wilson (owner of Exercise for Life);
  • Rainey Braughton, RN (owner of Transformations Pilates);
  • Judith Stauber, Ph.D. (owner of Live Happy Pilates);
  • Jessica Kisiel (owner of the Pain Free Athlete); and
  • Christa Tyson (a yoga instructor who owns Sphere Mama,

See the class schedule at Make an appointment by calling 505-412-5762.




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