Blue Monday Writing Group Seeks Members

ARTS News:

The idea to start the Blue Monday Writing Group grew out of Rebecca LaFave’s desire to gather with other writers to write.  

“As a long time reader and follower of Julia Cameron’s many books on developing a sustainable creative writing practice, (“The Artist’s Way”, is one of her best known books), I have longed to follow her suggestion to start a supportive, peer-run writing group,” LaFave said. More information is available at her website

“In my own writing life, I have trouble carving out time to write fiction,” LaFave said. “Although my novel ideas are never far from my mind, and my favorite day dreams drift towards writing prolifically as a popular, publishing author, a New York Times best-selling author even, these ambitions remain only dreams in the pages of my four unfinished novels, screen plays, and countless short stories. For me, the body of my writing grows from small cumulative efforts; staying inspired and motivated over time, always presents a challenge.”

The Blue Monday Writing Group offers the opportunity to write, share ideas, and find support. Join the group noon to 1 p.m. through May 23 in Meeting Room 1 at Mesa Public Library. All writing levels are welcome, from publishing to aspiring, practicing, or beginning writers. This group is for anyone wishing to creatively progress with their writing projects. Visit the group on Facebook at Blue Monday Writing Group