Ben Ray Lujan: A Time For Reflection

My friend, the days are finally getting longer indicating spring has arrived. The warm sun, cool breeze, and blooming flowers reflect the time of year when people around the world celebrate the renewal of life.
For people of all faiths and backgrounds, spring is the opportunity to start anew and appreciate the coming of the new season. Please join me in celebrating the different faiths, religions, and cultures of America. Our diversity and multiculturalism are the backbone of our country.
As Americans, we fundamentally come from separate upbringings, yet we come together into a single community. Our bonds grow more cohesive while we learn of the values that others hold. We appreciate those who teach us something new and every day we value tradition.
Let us all reflect on how we can do better for ourselves, our neighbors, and future generations. Progress can always be made as long as Americans continue to persevere and march forward, together.
Thanks for everything you do,
Ben Ray
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