Be Set Free at TOTH Sunday

By Maryann Blackhart

As you look around, you may see the chaos of too many tasks surrounding you.

Be not afraid. God will set you free from the worldly slavery of “too much.” Too much what, you may ask? At our upcoming Contemporary Service at 6:07 p.m. Sunday, July 14 at Trinity on the Hill (TOTH) Episcopal Church, Rev. Alicia Pope’s homily will be about “Being Set Free in Christ from Perfectionism, Oppression, Impossibly High Standards, and Other Garbage in Our Lives.” 

Garbage for you may be too many errands to run in one day, too many responsibilities on your shoulders, too many people to please. Whatever your “too much” is, God will free you from your burdens. Be willing to let Him into your life, into your heart, and into your soul.

We hope you will join us as we empty our trash cans of stress. May you find in God’s presence the awareness to overcome your worries and be free in Him.

To satisfy your physical hunger, we provide a wonderful dinner at 5:15 pm. To satisfy your spiritual hunger, we speak God’s truth in Scripture and upbeat songs. So please come and Rock the House of God with us.




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