Basketball Pro Alex Kirk Motivates Chamisa Students

Question and answer time with Alex Kirk. Courtesy photo

Sage Wilcox and Mia Littleton get autographs from basketball star Alex Kirk. Courtesy photo 


Basketball professional Alex Kirk visited with students Friday, May 1 at Chamisa Elementary School in White Rock.

He encouraged the third through sixth graders to work hard and do their best in school, sports and no matter what they do in life. His motivational meeting with the elementary students was impressive. He claimed to be a typical child from Los Alamos who was blessed with a great family, community and school district. 

Kirk said he knew that having his tall stature also was a blessing, but his parents taught him to value education. He encouraged the students to always listen to their parents, teachers and coaches and they will never regret it. 

Kirk explained that he often reflects on the struggles he has had and the lessons he has learned. Kirk continues to be thankful to have had the support from the school and the community and is now giving back by coming to motivate students.

School staff said they were impressed by the appreciation and respect Kirk has for his parents, teachers and coaches that he has had throughout his life.

Jerome Ulibarri, Elise Chavez and Coach Black just happened to be wearing their Lobo gear. Courtesy photo

Third and fourth graders listen to Alex Kirk talk about his career and educational background. Courtesy photo

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