Bartlett Shares Color and Design Secrets

‘The Three Amigos’ by Los Alamos Artist Melissa Bartlett. Photo by Mandy Marksteiner
Bartlett Shares Color and Design Secrets 
By Mandy Marksteiner
Do you ever wonder what makes a painting interesting enough to buy? There’s always something about the piece that is especially attractive, whether it is the way the images are balanced or the way the color of the sky contrasts with the color of the rocks.
How do they do that?
Starting next week, Melissa Bartlett answers that question during her class at the Karen Wray Fine Art Gallery. The six-week class is called “Creative Color, Dynamic Design.”
Whether you’re a painter, quilter or ceramic artist, during this foundational class you will learn powerful art concepts through experimentation.
Bartlett understands that certain types of composition are more pleasing. Certain color combinations are more attractive. Subtle details make the difference between whether a viewer’s eyes are captured by a piece or wander off to a different painting altogether.
“It’s not about product. We’ll start with a principle and we’ll apply it in various ways,” Bartlett said. “We’ll see what happens when you only use certain color schemes. By changing the colors, students can see for themselves what color can do.”
For example, imagine what a red rose would look like in front of an orange background. Not exactly beautiful, right? Most artists would think it’s obvious that orange is not the best color to set off the rose, but many would make the mistake of painting a rose against an adobe wall.
“It should give people a better understanding of how to reach their goals using color and design and learn how to avoid mistakes,” Bartlett said. “Some paintings scan nicely while other paintings are jarring. This class will give you the tools to make intentional decisions about your work, rather than mistakes.”
“Creative Color, Dynamic Design” meets 6-8 p.m. Mondays starting Jan. 28. This six-week class is $180. Students can bring whatever medium they want to work with, and Bartlett will also bring supplies.
Karen Wray Fine Art is also offering oil painting, pastel painting and watercolor painting classes. Sign up by calling 660-6382. Visit for details.
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