Barranca Mesa Elementary School Natural Helpers Reach Out To Help Others

Members of the Barranca Mesa Elementary School Natural Helpers put up the new vollyball net they purchased for the school with their own funds. Courtesy photo

LAPS News:

The Barranca Mesa Elementary School Natural Helpers are devoted to helping their school and community.

Natural Helpers is a group where peers learn to help peers. They have been participating in this club for approximately three months now. Its main goal is to help the school and students.

Recently, Barranca Natural Helpers purchased a new volleyball net. The net was paid for out of the Helper’s own money. The old net has been broken for years. Some of the teachers at Barranca have tried taping and stapling the net, but have had no luck. Since the Helpers are dedicated to helping their school, they decided to purchase a new net.

The Natural Helpers are reading the spectacular book, Wonder, by R.J. Palacio. This book has helped them think about everyone around them and improve their helping skills. The group has loved this book and encourages everyone to read it.

Without the help of its peers, leaders and others, they would not be a successful group, group members said. Even after Red Ribbon Week, the Natural Helpers and students have been continuing the Kindness Challenge. The Kindness Challenge involves randomly giving or saying nice things. The Challenge has been very successful and Natural Helpers hopes to keep it going through the end of the year.

The group has been very successful because of the school’s principal, Mrs. Terrazas, its sponsor, JJAB, and its amazing group leaders, Audrey Juliani, Nicole McGrane and Anne Shirey, a spokesperson said.

Mrs. Terrazas has empowered them to think big and impact others. JJAB has given them money so they can support the Natural Helpers mission. Their leaders have taught them their skills and helped them think of ways to improve their school. They are very thankful for all the help from everyone around them.

The Barranca Natural Helpers group has impacted Barranca in many ways. “We encourage all schools to have this program of Natural Helpers to make the community a better place,” a spokesperson said. “Barranca has seen results that might never have happened without this program. Thank you to all who have supported this group.”