Bandelier Announces Bird Of The Month For May

The bird of the month for May is the Yellow-rumped warbler. Photo by Ranger Sally King/NPS


The bird of the month for May is the Yellow-rumped warbler. These small birds are known for their yellow rump that can be seen as they fly away. There are two subspecies included in this designation, one is the Myrtle with a white throat and typically seen in the east. The other is the Audubon’s, which has a yellow throat and is typically seen in the west. Keep an eye on the Bandelier Facebook page for pictures and more information about this bird.

Bandelier is celebrating the Year of the Bird during May with a BirdBlitz on National Global Big Day, May 5.  

Bird point counts will be happening across the globe and can be entered into eBird. Join park staff at the Bandelier Visitor Center, 8-10 a.m. that day, to learn more about bird banding and see it happen! 

Bandelier has one of the longest running NPS bird banding programs in the country and the data is very valuable to scientists across the world in determining productivity and survivorship changes in different species.

For more information, call the Bandelier Visitor Center at 505.672.3861 x 517.  

Join Bandelier and the Los Alamos Nature Center for pollinator night with Roy Michelotti and Dr. Olivia Carril who will discuss the importance of native bees and butterflies in local area. They will discuss basic behavior and biology, the importance of pollinators and water conservation. This event is 7p.m., May 1 at the Los Alamos Nature Center at 2600 Canyon Road.

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