Back To School Monday: Snow Removal Help Needed

Superintendent Kurt Steinhaus
LAPS News:
Greetings from the School Superintendent’s Desk!
We are getting ready to welcome all staff back Monday Jan. 7 and students Tuesday Jan. 8.
The much-needed moisture is welcomed and the snow is beautiful. As you might imagine, there is more snow on the ground than people power to shovel and clear pathways.
To help get our schools ready, here are two volunteer options:
  1. Over the weekend, shovel the walkways around our schools and neighborhood school bus stops; and
  2. Monday Jan. 7, bring breakfast treats or lunch to one of our schools.
In Los Alamos, we have a long-standing tradition of taking care of each other on cold snowy days. With another storm possible on Sunday, anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated.