Author Phil Rink Releases Jimi & Isaac 5b: Social Skills

Cover for the newly released book, Jimi & Isaac 5b: Social Skills. Courtesy photo

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Author Phil Rink released his new book for children and young adults Monday, Jimi & Isaac 5b: Social Skills. It is the eighth book in the Jimi & Isaac series.

In their biggest adventure yet, Jimi & Isaac need to make everybody get along, or at least keep everyone from fighting with each other. But they don’t know what to do, and the people that think they know what to do are quickly making everything worse. Jimi and Isaac are getting blamed for the incredible spiral of disaster as the kids in their school pick sides and prepare for mayhem. Can they save their school? Can they find the help they need?


Rink has a terrific knack for placing relatable characters in realistic situations and giving them (and readers) food for thought, promoting discussion and problem-solving rather than spoon-feeding answers. A nuanced discussion at the dinner table about the definition of a bully awakens Jimi to the fact that bullying can take many forms and cause both physical and emotional harm … engaging and thought-proving … with relatable tween characters facing realistic challenges…” Kirkus Reviews

The imi & Isaac series of books are short and fast moving so more readers can succeed, but they are not simple books. They’re full of information and intellectual challenges link.
Rink’s Jimi & Isaac book, The Brain Injury, was awarded a Kirkus “Star” review and chosen “The Best Books of 2015” link.

The books are carried in public, elementary and middle school libraries across the country, and all the books are available thru Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, and Ingram book sellers. All Jimi & Isaac Books are free on Kindle to Amazon Prime members.

Phil Rink is a professional Mechanical Engineer, inventor (11 patents so far), entrepreneur and science and soccer coach. He also has published a book on sailing the Caribbean, several magazine articles, and a few professional papers. He lives on Camano Island in Washington State.

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