Auditor’s Office Releases City Of Las Vegas Audit

State Auditor Wayne Johnson
SANTA FE  State auditor Wayne Johnson Wednesday released a special audit of Las Vegas, N.M. city government.
The audit was performed at the request of a majority of the Las Vegas City Council. The audit, performed by an independent CPA, included 32 interviews with elected officials, directors, management, employees and Las Vegas citizens.
Auditors concluded that the city inappropriately used a $10,000 emergency procurement and expanded the scope to install hardwood floors throughout City Hall at a total cost of nearly 10 times the original procurement. The audit recommended that city employees take a refresher course on the state procurement code to ensure that taxpayer dollars are spent and accounted for appropriately.
Johnson says the audit looked at all concerns raised by the City Council, and returned nine audit findings and nine additional “recommendations” the City can use to improve business practices and accountability to Las Vegas taxpayers.
“We hope that Las Vegas taxpayers, and those responsible for using your hard-earned money wisely, will find this report useful in the day-to-day management of the city,” Johnson said. “At the end of the day, we want people in Las Vegas to have the confidence that their city government is working to benefit this historic and beautiful town.”
The entire audit can be found here:
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