Auditor-elect Colón To Launch Investigation Of Wayne Johnson’s Misconduct; Demands He Immediately Stop Any Use Of State Auditor’s Office

Auditor-elect Brian Colón

From the Office of Auditor-elect Brian Colón:


SANTA FE — Amid an active criminal investigation into New Mexico State Auditor Wayne Johnson, Auditor-elect Brian Colón announced today that immediately after he is sworn in he will launch an investigation and internal review of all misconduct and abuse of power by Johnson.


New Mexico State Auditor Wayne Johnson


Colón issued the following statement regarding the active criminal investigation into Johnson and more allegations of abuse of power and corruption:


“The integrity of the Office of the State Auditor has been compromised by the alleged corruption and abuse of power by Wayne Johnson that is currently under active criminal investigation by the Office of the Attorney General, and Wayne Johnson must immediately stop using the office for his alleged criminal activity, personal vendettas, and political gain. Wayne Johnson must immediately cease any and all contact with the Office of the State Auditor, stop using the office for any purpose, relinquish all official duties, and allow us to swiftly restore trust in this critical oversight institution. We cannot risk further destruction and tampering of records by Wayne Johnson.”


Until Colón can be sworn in Jan. 1, he insists that the Deputy State Auditor take over all responsibilities of the State Auditor, saying it is critical that Johnson does not have opportunity to destroy or tamper with any records.