Aubrey Dunn Withdraws From Senate Race

Aubrey Dunn


CORONA – State Land Commissioner Aubrey Dunn today announced that he was withdrawing from the race for United States Senate.

“My first responsibility has to be to our citizens to take care of our state trust lands, and right now, challenges such as the water crisis in southeastern New Mexico demand my full attention,” Dunn said. “I was elected to do a job by the citizens on the promise that I would manage their lands through true conservation principles, I have done that thus far, but my promise requires that I finish the job I was elected to do as strongly as I can. After much contemplation with my family and supporters, I believe I need to focus on my job as Land Commissioner for the remainder of my term.”

“It is simply not possible to do that job like it needs to be done while campaigning for another office.”

Aubrey firmly believes that New Mexico’s success is tied to making sure that the oil and gas industry, along with other users of State Trust Lands in New Mexico, are successful, but that success must not come at the price of damaging natural resources so that they are not available for future generations.

“New Mexico’s most valuable resource is our water and I am dedicated to finding responsible solutions that protect that resource while allowing for maximum revenue to be generated for the beneficiaries of the trust: Our citizens.

“This 2018 election is vital for New Mexico,” Dunn said, “with the gridlock and dysfunction in Washington, D.C., while I am withdrawing from the race, New Mexico still desperately needs a voice in a powerful position in the United States Senate, which is why I am calling upon Governor Gary Johnson to replace me as the Libertarian candidate for United States Senate. I have spoken with Governor Johnson, he is willing to consider serving as my replacement as the Libertarian nominee and I respectfully request that our Libertarian Party State Central Committee nominate him as the replacement candidate.”

Dunn went on to say that, “New Mexicans deserve a choice in 2018 of a candidate who can not only win this race, but put New Mexico and America first before party politics as an independent voice in the United States Senate. It is time for Governor Johnson to again step up to lead this state and this nation to restore Liberty.”

Aubrey and Robin, his wife of 39 years, have three children and three grandchildren. They own and operate the Gran Quivira Ranch near Corona and Aubrey is completing a highly regarded successful term as New Mexico’s Commissioner of Public Lands.

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