Attorney General Hector Balderas: Clovis Murderer Of 10-Year-Old Boy To Remain In Prison

Noe Torres
From the Office of the Attorney General:
CLOVIS Attorney General Hector Balderas has announced that the New Mexico Supreme Court agreed with the Office of the Attorney General and affirmed Noe Torres’ convictions for the first-degree murder of 10-year-old Carlos Perez and the attempted murder of 17-year-old Ruben Perez.
In September of 2005, Torres and one of his co-conspirators, Edward Salas, drove to the Perez residence after Edward’s brother had an altercation with Ruben Perez at their high school. Nine shots were fired into a bedroom window, from two to three feet away, killing Ruben’s younger brother Carlos. Torres then absconded to Mexico where he remained for six years until he was arrested and brought to trial in New Mexico after the Office of the Attorney General successfully extradited him.
“This case is sickening, but I am thankful the justices agreed with our office and affirmed the convictions of an extremely violent offender,” Balderas said. “Keeping the most violent, dangerous criminals behind bars remains our priority across the state.”
The Supreme Court held that New Mexico murder statutes clearly intend for separate prosecutions for each victim and rejected Torres’ argument that he could not be convicted for both killing Carlos and attempting to kill Ruben. The Court also rejected Torres’ other claims of alleged trial errors.
Charles Gutierrez handled the appellate case on behalf of the Office of the Attorney General.