Atomic Tumblers Compete In Trick Or Treat Meet At Zia Gymnastics In Santa Fe

LASG News:

Los Alamos Atomic Tumblers traveled to Santa Fe this past weekend to compete in the Trick or Treat Meet at Zia Gymnastics. Eight teams and more than 100 gymnasts from New Mexico participated in the competition.

Kayli Lincoln and Danielle Bellamy represented LASG in the Junior Olympic Compulsory competition, level 4. Lincoln took bronze in the all-around with 33.65. She also was golden on both the balance beam (9.00) and floor exercise (8.95), capturing first in both events. Bellamy was eighth all-around with 32.35. She also took the silver on bars (8.30) and bronze on beam (8.85).

In the Xcel Competition Los Alamos School of Gymnastics was represented by 19 gymnasts.

Xcel Bronze Results:

Junior Division

  • Anika Lovato took silver in the all-around with 35.30. She also tied for the gold on floor (8.80) and on bars (9.00), and was silver on vault (8.90).
  • Danielle Trellue was fifth with a 33.95. She was golden on bars (9.15) and tied for first taking the silver on floor (8.80).
  • Claudia Jablonski was sixth all-around with 32.95. She also took bronze on beam (9.00).

Senior Division

  • Sarah Hutchens won the gold with a 34.90. She also took gold on beam (9.00), vault (8.65) and floor (8.75), and silver on bars (8.50) .
  • Hannah Clegg was silver in the all-around with 34.60. She also won the gold on bars (8.55) and the silver on vault (8.60), beam (8.90) and floor(8.55).
  • Cyra Bishop was bronze in the all-around with 33.75. She also took the bronze on vault (8.60), bars (8.15), beam (8.60) and floor (8.40).

Xcel Silver Results:

  • Emilee Maestas won the silver division with a 35.60 all-around. She also took gold on bars (9.40) and vault (9.00). She took silver on beam (8.90), and bronze on floor (8.30).
  • Kaeley Bustos took the silver all-around medal with 35.40. She was golden on beam (9.20) and floor (8.60). She took silver on bars (9.20). Her 8.40 on the vault added a bronze to her medal count.
  • Andrea Chapman was third all-around with 34.25. She took the silver on vault (8.50) and floor (8.40). She was bronze on the beam (8.65) and bars (8.70).
  • Sara Gardner was fourth all-around with 32.60.

Xcel Gold Results:

  • Addie Richie took home the gold in the gold division with a 34.40 all-around. She also was golden on bars (9.30), floor (8.40), and beam (8.20). She tied for bronze on vault with 8.50.
  • The silver all-around medal went to Cherie McCreary for a 33.80. She also took gold on vault (8.70), tied for gold on beam (8.20) taking silver, tied for silver on floor (8.00) taking silver, and took bronze on the bars (8.90).
  • The bronze all-around went to Brianna Fryer with 34.40. She also silver on bars (9.10) and vault (8.60) and tied for the silver on floor 8.00 (receiving bronze). She took the bronze on beam behind the first place tie.
  • Allison Warner was fourth all-around with 31.90. She also tied for the bronze on vault with 8.50.

Xcel Platinum Results:

  • Carley Stilwell of Los Alamos Atomic Tumblers placed fourth all-around with a 36.15. She was golden on beam with 9.20. She also took silver on vault with 9.15.
  • Ashley Bustos was fifth all-around with 36.00. She also took silver on uneven bars with 9.20.
  • Anna Clark took sixth all-around with a 35.70. She was also bronze on floor with 9.20 and uneven bars with 9.15.
  • Suyana Ferreira was seventh all-around with a 35.50 and took the bronze on beam with a 9.00.
  • Elyse Phillips took took eighth all-around with a 35.10.8.
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