Atomic City Transit Upcoming Schedule Changes

Atomic City Transit bus. File photo



Monday May 23, Atomic City Transit schedules will be adjusted in order to better provide connections with the Northern New Mexico Park and Ride buses. 

More specifically, the entire schedule will be rotated forward by 5 minutes, which will affect the timing at each bus stop. As an example, if you currently catch the bus at 7 a.m., you will catch the bus at 7:05 a.m. beginning Monday.

The new transit service plan, implemented Jan. 25, has succeeded in enabling the operators to deliver the published service schedule with excellent “on-time” performance for the riders. In addition, it does not require operators to push the equipment they operate beyond posted speed limits in order to deliver the service published in the “Ride Guide”, which yields both improved operational safety and a reduction in vehicle maintenance costs. 

However, since implementation of the new service plan, Atomic City Transit has received many comments from riders about what is working, what is not, and where schedule adjustments may be needed to best serve the community. 

The May 23 schedule modification is an initial step in the process of making adjustments in response to these comments and ongoing operational reviews.

“We are observing some common themes in public comments that are helping us zero in on key areas of concern, which, along with collection and review of operational data, will be critical in proposing service revisions going forward,” Transit Manager Ken Smithson said. 

Over the next several weeks, additional service modification recommendations will be developed to address issues and expressed concerns specific to Routes 2T and 2M (White Rock), as well as running times and time points on all routes.

“We hope to make one additional schedule change, before the start of the 2016-17 school year, that will focus on making needed revisions which will not be resolved by Monday’s schedule rotation,” Deputy Public Works Director Jon Bulthuis said.

The opportunity for public review and participation in additional schedule revisions will continue, in the coming weeks, as proposals are developed and brought forward to the Transportation Board and County Council for review, approval and implementation.

Individuals interested in this ongoing process are encouraged to provide comments at, at ACT’s Facebook page, or by calling 505.661.7433.