Atomic City Transit Streamlines Little Forest Playschool Field Trips

Photo by Greg Kendall/


Atomic City Transit makes it easy for preschool classes to take simple field trips around town.

The students of Little Forest Playschool are seasoned bus riders. During the summer they go on at least one field trip a week and have taken the bus to the pool, the library, Ashley Pond, the Farmer’s Market and other places in Los Alamos.

In late November the students arrived at school, walked to the bus stop on 38th Street and Villa and did their morning stretches while waiting for the number 6 to arrive. 

They rode it to the transit station, where they transferred to the downtown trolley. They got off the trolley across from Ashley Pond, where they fed the ducks, ate a snack, played games and went to the library.

They got back onto the bus and were back at school by lunchtime.

“We love it,” said April Wade, the executive director at Little Forest. “The kids really like it and they’re learning the bus numbers and how to use the system. We were thinking about buying a bus of our own, but now we don’t have to. For trips in Los Alamos we can just take the bus.”

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