Atomic City Transit Ridership Slips Slightly


Bandelier ridership in June 2013 was 16,112; down from 20,602 in June 2012. Bandelier Ridership in July 2013 was 21,257; down from 25,679 in July 2012.

The decline in ridership may be partly attributed to the fact that Bandelier visitors are allowed to drive into the park prior to 9 a.m. and after 3 p.m. each day in 2013. In 2012, visitors were not allowed to drive into the park until after 5 p.m.

Total ridership for Atomic City Transit as a whole (excluding Bandelier) in June 2013 was 37,911; down from 47,139 in 2012. The decline in June is partially due to one less operating day (21 days in 2012/20 days in 2013) and the remaining decline is likely due to the system changes implemented May 24, 2013 as riders adjust and learn to utilize the new routes and schedules.

Another impact that may have reduced ridership is the Thompson Ridge Fire. July 2013 numbers were 44,836; down only slightly from 45,486 in July 2012.

Atomic City Transit provided a total of 441 passenger trips to and from the Beer Fiesta at Pajarito Mountain on July 27.

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