Aspen Elementary Portable Campus on the Move

LAPS Construction Manager Herb McLean stands in front of the first of four classroom portables arriving from Clovis and heard for Aspen early next week. Courtesy photo

LAPS News:

The first of four classroom portables destined for Aspen Elementary School arrived in Los Alamos Tuesday.

A second portable will arrive from Clovis today, a third Friday and the fourth on Monday. The portables will be dropped off at the high school parking lot until next Monday or Tuesday when all four will be moved to the Aspen campus.

These classroom portables will join the eight portables moving from Los Alamos Middle School after construction is completed on that school later this year.

Already, two classroom portables were moved from LAMS to Aspen. Aspen’s portable campus will consist of 18 portables and will become the temporary school for Aspen’s 400 students and staff until spring of 2015.

The architectural firm of Vigil and Associates were selected to design the new Aspen Elementary School and Jaynes Construction was chosen as the builder.

Residents of the Aspen neighborhood, who live along 38th Street are asked to move their vehicles off the road next Monday and Tuesday to make it easier for movers to transport the portables to the campus.

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