Aspen Copies Celebrates 25th Anniversary In Los Alamos!

Aspen Copies owners James and Dawn Cline celebrate their store’ s 25th anniversary Monday at 1907 Central Ave. Photo by Kirsten Laskey/

Los Alamos Daily Post

Aspen Copies reached a milestone Monday when it hit its 25th anniversary. The business, 1907 Central Ave., has been a family affair from the very beginning.

Dawn Cline, who co-owns Aspen Copies with her husband, James, said she opened Aspen Copies with her mother in 1996. And their daughter, Amber, started coming to the store when she was just three weeks old.

Aspen Copies is a full-service copy shop that offers design and print services for technical jobs and promotional pieces. It also offers a multitude of office supplies and journals. Additionally, Aspen Copies is a FedEx authorized ship center.

Cline credits their customers, the community and other small businesses for allowing them to keep the business going all this time.

“We are here for the community and the contractors and that’s how we met people from everywhere,” she said. “We are part of the town, and we love helping people with their projects from beginning to end.”

Cline said when a finished job is given to a customer, it is great “seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces when they see a product come out the way they wanted it to.”

Another perk is being familiar with all the customers.

“We know about 85 percent of our customers by name,” she said. “…in 25 years we have learned a lot. I would say we learn something new every day.”

One of the lessons learned is to expand and offer new things. Cline said recently a teenager came into the store asking if they sold jellybeans. Cline said they didn’t but – that it was a great idea! Now, the store offers a selection of packaged jellybean candies as well as several tourist items. The hope is to offer more Los Alamos souvenirs to those who visit the town.

“Because that is what the community has asked for and we want to keep people here (in Los Alamos),” Cline said.

She emphasized that Aspen Copies offers so much more than what its name implies.

“We are not just copies; we are so much more,” Cline said. “We are trying to fill needs if that is what the town wants.”

She added that she and James work together to come up with new ideas for the store.

“We bounce ideas off each other’s heads,” Cline said.

They also work to ensure Aspen Copies continues to feel like a family affair. While it is currently just her and James running the store, Cline said they always worked to mentor their employees so that if they choose, they can move on to other careers.

“It’s more a family situation than a fast-food situation,” she said. “We have had so many awesome people here.”

Cline said that the last 25 years have gone by fast and taken them in directions they never would have imagined.

“Who would have known we went from making copies to retail and shipping,” Cline said.

In fact, Cline said she and James moved to Los Alamos from Chicago when they assumed ownership of the business. She said they figured they would give it a few years but then never left.

“It’s a great town,” Cline said.

It’s a town that Aspen Copies actively contributes to. Cline said she supports nonprofit organizations.

“We try to help out nonprofits as much as we can and support all of the Los Alamos groups because they help the town out so much, so we try to help when we can,” Cline said.

Being a part of a community that helps one another is important, she said.

“It’s a dream to have your own store,” Cline said. “And to keep that dream alive you need the support of everyone else.”

Aspen Copies is open 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. For information, visit or call 505.661.3008.