Ask The Life Coach: En Route to Happiness

Ask The Life Coach: En Route to Happiness

I never had an original thought in my life. That is why I always turn to established authorities like Tolstoy, Woody Allen and Tony Robins.

What? You think it’s an odd list? It contains a classic writer, famous cinematographer and bigger than life, Life Coach. So what? I learned a thing or two from them. Mainly, that our existence is all about happiness — happiness and completion. Really!

What would you not be willing to try to get there? You will take an unconventional route, you will not bend to circumstances, and you will push harder and harder and be so proud of the achievements and yet, at the top the summit, happiness will still be unconquered.

If that did not work, the next step is to gather you friends and cry on there shoulders, listen to their wise words, thank them, with the promise you will follow their advice and leave, knowing perfectly well that you will never, ever do what they advised you to. Now, own up and admit it to yourself. You’ve  done it, too. And here you are back to square one.

Well, first of all let’s just see why we are so reluctant to follow even the most brilliant, kind and caring advise from our loved ones.

There is one big roadblock. It’s your intellectual immune system. Think of a transplant surgery. Donor organ, surgeon and patient are perfectly matched for the surgery, and yet the immune system rejects the foreign organ. “It is not mine” the body screams, and the transplant is out.

The same happens with our thoughts. Our intellectual immune system will reject the advice from outside. We want our own idea. What you need is help to find this well-hidden and most important idea of yours … to dig it out and formulate it. 

That is what life coaching is all about. A life coach works with a client by asking questions and listening to the answers, from which the next question will arise and the next and the next.

There are numerous techniques and exercises that a life coach will incorporate to help the client surmount the obstacles. Whether it’s a personal or a business situation, a life coach will help the client set goals, map the way, and stay the course.

In the literature, a life coaching technique is compared to architecture. A life coach will help clients build their future. This amazing experience will leave the client feeling strong and positive, with a feeling of enormous self-esteem, as though they’ve broken through.

I invite the readers of the Los Alamos Daily Post to ask questions about what is holding them back, or difficulties finding the right path, or managing their time. Are you entangled in relationships or is your boss unbearable?

I will answer your questions using Life Coach Methods, meaning there will not be advice, there will be a guiding question and guidance. Ultimately you will do the thinking, and look for the right answer. I am a medical professional with 23 years of experience in the field of diagnostic radiology. My close relationships with patients inspired me to become a Life Coach.

Life Coach Yelena Gurvits offers private consultations and can be reached at 412-0295 or


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