Artist Jean Constant To Speak On SMART Contest

‘Tetra’ by Jean Constant. Courtesy/MPL
Jean Constant


Artist Jean Constant, who has earned a world-wide reputation as an artist who bases much of his work on mathematical principles, will speak at 2:30 p.m. Saturday, July 18 at Mesa Public Library.

The Library will host a temporary exhibit of the SMART contest (Science and Math-based ART) July 17-18 in the Upstairs Meeting Room, in conjunction with Los Alamos ScienceFest. Constant’s talk will be about the work in that show, and about the math he uses to create his own work.

Constant, who lives in Santa Fe, is a classically trained artist who works in a wide variety of media. He also is a lecturer, researcher and author in the field of visual communication, as well as being a reviewer for the American Mathematical Society. He is a member of the Bridges Math and Art organization, and a member of the International Information Visualization Society.

 His fascination with the art that comes from the creative visualization of mathematical principles has led him to create several series of works. Most recently he has challenged himself to create one image each day, using 12 different math visualization programs over the course of a year, in a project he calls 12-30. That work can be seen at Another recent series, called “Martematica,” uses imagery and data sent by the Mars Rover.

Constant’s work will be exhibited this summer as part of the month-long MathFest celebration in Washington, D.C. and Baltimore. His work will also be shown at the University of Barcelona at the Ninth International Conference on Information-Visualization.

The SMART contest is an integral part of ScienceFest. In past years, the entries have ranged from computer-generated images such as fractals to electron microscope imagery, and from paintings depicting climate change to geometry and op art. The contest has drawn thousands of entries from all around the world. More than 200 entries can be seen at the Library in a continuously running slideshow Friday and Saturday, in the Upstairs Meeting Rooms.

Constant’s work can be seen at  and

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