Apprenticeship Assistance Bill Heads to Gov.

House Majority Leader Rick Miera


SANTA FE–House Bill 182 (Move Apprenticeship Assistance Program), sponsored by House Majority Leader Rick Miera, D-Bernalillo, has been passed by the Sente and sent to the Governor. The bill moves the program from the Public Education Department to the Workforce Solutions Department, which currently administers the program. 

The bill will streamline certain administration functions affecting apprenticeship in New Mexico by placing the apprenticeship program with the agency that has been designated by the U.S. Department of Labor. 

By making the change, the Workforce Solutions Department can more effectively serve the apprenticeship community and deliver a skill workforce.

“The transfer of the Apprenticeship Assistance Program from the Public Education Department to the Workforce Solutions Department is reflective of the legislature’s focus on a statewide economic-based job creation agenda with program investments in building a quality work force,” Miera said. “It provides a seamless, uninterrupted sequence from high school to apprenticeships to the work place. With increased funding for these programs, this is an unprecedented effort with targeted outcomes in job creation. This is a critical part of the strategy of the Legislature’s Jobs Council to create approximately 16,000 jobs a year over the next 10 years toward our economic recovery.”

Apprenticeships usually last about four years, depending on the trade. During this time, apprentices (who are employees) work under experienced workers known as journey workers. Many programs are cosponsored by trade unions that offer apprentices union membership.