Appeals Hearing Held Today for Former County Supply Manager Terminated in June


Former Los Alamos County Supply Manager Charles Pacheco, foreground, waits for his appeals hearing to begin this morning before the Los Alamos County Personnel Board in Council Chambers inside the Community Building at 20th Street and Central Avenue. Pacheco is appealing his termination in June surrounding criminal charges he is facing related to alleged credit card fraud. Pacheco’s brother Tim sits next to him reviewing documents. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Hearing Officer Tony Ortiz speaks with Employee Services Manager Valerie Park prior to the start of this morning’s closed hearing in Council Chambers. The five member Personnel Board serves in an appellate and advisory capacity in the administration of the County personnel program. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Assistant County Attorney Dan Gonzales, right, prepares to discuss the County’s postion in terminating former Supply Manager Charles Pacheco in June. The Appeals Hearing is scheduled to wrap up at noon today. A court reporter took down witness statements and other testimony, which will be included in a final report expected in about two weeks or so. A meeting will be announced at that time at which the Los Alamos County Personnel Board will deliver its opinion on whether Pacheco should be reinstated as Supply Manager. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

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