Andy Enriquez Of Los Alamos Wins Medals In Junior Olympics For Sport Stacking At Competitions In Iowa

Andy (Andres) Enriquez wins a bronze medal in the 363 event. He placed 4th in the 333 and 5th in the Cycle event *for 11-12Y. Courtesy photo
Andy (Andres) Enriquez of Los Alamos wins a silver medal in the team relay event. Courtesy photo
Andy (Andres) Enriquez of Los Alamos competed and placed in the 4th, 5th and a bronze for three Junior Olympics for Sport Stacking events in Iowa.
The back story: Enriquez had two mild concussions in 2017- one during a hockey practice and one about a month and a half later while playing basketball.
His PE teacher, Tony Hinojosa of Mountain Elementary School, had already introduced speed stacking to the kids and Enriquez took to it when he was told he couldn’t do any other sport or even dance during a play he was in for Atomic City Children’s Theater. He also couldn’t stare at a screen, read or watch television for about two weeks.
Speed stacking was something fun that Enriquez could do with the doctor’s blessing. Hinojosa coordinated a speed stacking tournament for all elementary schools in the spring of 2017, which was a great experience for kids from all five local schools. 
Enriquez discovered the competitive side of speed stacking and learned that Speed Stacking was a sport. About six months after the tournament at Mountain Elementary, he began training in earnest and decided to compete. Unfortunately, New Mexico does not host sanctioned tournaments, so he went to a sanctioned tournament in Fort Worth, Texas in May 2018 during which he qualified for the Junior Olympics.
Enriquez holds the New Mexico State Sport Stacking record: New Mexico Sport Stackers (Sport Stacking)