‘America’s Musical Journey’ At DynaTheater

MFF News:
ALBUQUERQUE In MacGillivray Freeman Film’s America’s Musical Journey, chart-topping artist Aloe Blacc invites audiences to join him on a joyful, tune-filled, giant-screen tour of the nation’s most iconic music cities, diving into the special places and unique cultural diversity that gave birth to America’s celebrated musical heritage. In these cities every chord, every riff, every bang of a drum tells a story.
Reflecting the nation at every turn, these stories can be of survival or celebration, of love or heartache, of protest or coming together. America’s Musical Journey creates a soundtrack for the American experience – at its heart is the idea that music can express what it means to be American – to be part of a constant, wildly inventive cultural exchange, to be bold and outspoken, yet to seek greater harmony.
Some of the musical cities featured in the film include New Orleans, Nashville, Chicago, Memphis, Detroit, Miami, New York, and Dallas. As director Greg MacGillivray puts it, “Our film is a physical journey but it’s equally a journey of the imagination.”
For information on tickets and show times, visit www.naturalhistoryfoundation.org.
About MacGillivray Freeman Films
MacGillivray Freeman Films is the world’s foremost independent producer and distributor of giant-screen 70mm films with 38 films for IMAX and giant-screen theatres to its credit. Throughout the company’s 50-year history, its films have won numerous international awards including two Academy Award ® nominations and three films inducted into the IMAX Hall of Fame. MacGillivray Freeman’s films are known for their artistry and celebration of science and the natural world. It is the first documentary film company to reach the one billion dollar benchmark for worldwide box office.
For more information about the company, visit here.
The DynaTheater is in the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science, 1801 Mountain Rd NW, Albuquerque NM, 87104.
For additional information, contact: Pat Solano, Administrative Director, NMMNH Foundation, psolano@naturalhistoryfoundation.org.

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