American Legion Post 90 Elects New Officers

American Legion Post 90 officers elected Friday night for 2016-17 include, from left, Sgt-at-Arms David Dye, 2nd Vice Commander Leland Lehman, Finance Officer Bill Cooper, 1st Vice Commander Chris Larribas, Historian Jim Mariner, Chaplain Jim Hay and Commander Ed McDaris. Photo by Diane Swan


The American Legion Frank G. Frainier Post 90 at 1325 Trinity Dr. elected a new slate of officers Friday for 2016-17:

  • Sgt-at-Arms David Dye;
  • 2nd Vice Commander Leland Lehman;
  • Finance Officer Bill Cooper;
  • 1st Vice Commander Chris Larribas;
  • Historian Jim Mariner;
  • Chaplain Jim Hay; and
  • Commander Ed McDaris.

The American Legion, Post 90 was originally organized under a temporary Charter in April, 1947. On Aug. 26, 1952, under official Post 90 Resolution:

Whereas: Los Alamos Post #90, American Legion, Los Alamos, N.M has never been designated as a Memorial Post since receiving a National Charter in 1947; and, Whereas: A distinguished and loyal Legionnaire passed away this past month (July 12, 1952); and, Whereas: This Legionnaire was one of the founders and a charter member who put his time and effort into creating an active Post and promoted Legion activities here within Los Alamos Post #90; NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: That Los Alamos Post #90 be designated as the Frank G. Frainier Post #90, Los Alamos, NM al all records, incorporation papers, and business be changed to read Frank G. Frainier Post #90, American Legion, and a copy of this resolution be sent to Department Headquarters, Albuquerque, NM for final approval;  AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: That a copy of this resolution be sent to the family of Frank G. Frainier in recognition of his services to The American Legion and the community of Los Alamos.

  • Frank George Frainier: Born to Frank P. Frainier and Anna Broman
  • Born: Buffalo, NY (1887) Blue eyes, light brown hair; 5’71/4” tall.
  • Enlisted: age 19; Consecutive service July 27, 1907 to January 26, 1925.
  • July 27, 1907; 5 year term US Navy; 3rd Div., 3rd Bn N.M., N.Y.; Enlisted
  • December 14, 1914: transferred to 5th Div., 3rd Bn. N.M., N.Y.;
  • April 14, 1915 – Fireman 1st Class; 5th Div, 3rd Bn; Honorable Discharge
  • April 15, 1915 – Re-enlist Fireman 1st Class; 5th/3rd NM, NY;
  • May 28, 1916 – Discharged
  • May 29, 1916 – Re-enlist, 5th/3rd NM, NY
  • May 1, 1917 – Enrolled as Chief Electrician, assigned to U.S.S. Iowa.
  • Married Francis Thuman 1919.
  • Died: July 12, 1952.

At this time it is unclear what the circumstances were surrounding Frank G. Frainier to end up in Los Alamos, NM or exactly when this happened. This is primarily due to the nature of the secrecy of the town, facilities, and operations going on related to WWII and post war. It is known that the circumstances of Frank G. Frainier’s passing were related to the combination of a car accident and heart attack; it is not known which came first. Frank and Francis Frainier had three children: Albert F. Frainier, Elmer H. Frainier, and Gerard L. Frainier. The son of Gerard was named directly after Frank George Frainier and resides in Buffalo, NY.

Post 90 Mission: Our mission is to mentor youth and the sponsorship of wholesome programs in our community, advocating patriotism and honor, promoting strong national security, and continued devotion to our fellow service members and veterans.

Vision: We aspire to be the premier, go-to, fraternal veteran’s organization in Los Alamos that supports its community through various programs that provides:

  • Veteran’s Affairs and Rehabilitation assistance;
  • Strengthening of National Security;
  • Fostering of Americanism; and
  • Opportunities for Children and Youth to be successful.


  • Post infrastructure: Aesthetics for the Post are important in representing itself to the community and its membership as a responsible, vital, and focused organization. Post 90 membership has established that it would like to change the exterior storage for long term viability; create an outdoor venue like a deck; update facilities to include ADA bathrooms; lower its utility bills; update lighting and decor of the interior; ensure proper parking; and redesign the landscaping. A long term goal would be to have the Post parking lot properly graded and repaved for effective drainage.

  • Post membership, participation, and volunteerism: The Post leadership recognizes that in order to establish participation and volunteerism, activities and programs must be established that give them something to participate in. Therefore it is the goal to provide entertainment on a regular basis that the membership desires; ensure that the social areas are improved so that it supports participation by as many members as possible; create an environment that is inviting and welcoming to its members and their guests; provide meeting opportunities that allow focus on events and guest speakers.
  • Post Officers: The Post leadership recognizes that the effectiveness of the Post within the community is only as good as the leadership is. Therefore it is the goal to improve education of the officers and members that desire to be leaders within the Post and Community; foster mutual helpfulness by working together during events and activities; establish better visibility of the Post leadership to its members.
  • Post Events: The Post membership recognizes that events are needed to support the diversity of its interests. Therefore, events should include live entertainment; theme-inspired events; kitchen events (dinners, breakfasts, luncheons), that include use by all the membership.
  • Community Involvement: The American Legion was established as a grass-roots, fraternal veteran’s organization that was meant to provide support to the veteran’s and communities that they lived in. Therefore, it is a goal to ensure that The American Legion, Post 90 is participating in local parades, school events, scouting, and special holiday events such as Halloween, Christmas, and others that are meaningful to the community.
  • Communication and Marketing: The overall success of The American Legion, the Post, and activities and events sponsored by the same are directly related to the ability to successfully advertise, communicate, and market itself. Therefore it is the goal of Post 90 to establish a position for public relations and marketing; update and maintain an effective web-page; establish a maintain consistent communication through newsletters, emails, and flyers; Establish a local forum for political candidates to present themselves to the community.