AFTNM Responds To Governor’s Budget Proposals


  • Proposed Spending Represents ‘Status Quo’ Mentality, Ignores Realities in Classrooms

ALBUQUERQUE – American Federation of Teachers New Mexico President Stephanie Ly released the following statement in response to Gov. Susana Martinez’ budget proposals:

“Governor Martinez’s budgetary proposals are woefully out of touch with the actual needs of New Mexico’s public schools, and the students they serve, and represent a status quo approach that doubles down on pet projects while diverting much needed resources away from local school districts and New Mexico classrooms.

“We had hoped the Governor’s budget would have placed more resources in local districts instead of pushing more public money below the line; funded greater levels of early and meaningful intervention for students instead of punishing students through abusive over-testing; and worked to raise salaries for both new and veteran educators in an effort to fill the more than 450 teaching vacancies across New Mexico instead of instituting merit pay schemes based on a teacher evaluation system which has been ruled harmful by a New Mexico court.

“On top of each of these current deficiencies, New Mexico school districts are still waiting for Governor Martinez to restore funding to pre-2008 levels, and meet statutory obligations such as lowering class sizes, teacher mentorship, and adequate funding for textbook materials, which have been routinely ignored since assuming office. Our students, schools, and teachers deserve better, and this budget does not address the true needs of New Mexico public education.”