AFTNM On PED’s Release Of School Grades


  • Nearly 65 Percent Of New Mexico Schools Rated “C” or Lower

ALBUQUERQUE – American Federation of Teachers New Mexico President Stephanie Ly released the following statement:

“Today the PED released statewide A-F scores for New Mexico public schools, and the results show the drastic disparities between districts, often along socio-economic lines. Overall, nearly sixty-five percent of our schools have been rated as “C” schools or lower. Additionally, this is the first year schools have been penalized for parents exercising their right to opt their child out of the PED-mandated PARCC exam – resulting in additional penalties and lower grades for over 40 New Mexico schools.

“As education professionals, we know our schools serve different populations with unique needs, however we question the necessity of labeling schools as failing. By assigning a letter grade based on arbitrary PED-determined criteria ignores the underlying issues of child poverty, over-testing, and lack of local educational control in our state.

“Addressing the disparities between different schools requires more than just assigning a letter grade to a school and telling them to try harder next time. We need a Secretary of Education and Governor who are truly invested in our public schools through increased and earlier intervention, resource and educational equity, and the discontinuation of PED pet projects diverting taxpayer money away from local district control. Shaming our students by labeling them as failures achieves none of these things and serves no purpose.

“We call on the Secretary of Education to stop punishing our students, schools, and communities through unnecessary labeling. Students, parents, and educators are invested in the success of our public schools, and the only failure has been the policies of the PED under this Secretary and Governor.”