AFTNM Calls Court Ruling ‘Victory For Educators’

AFTNM President Stephanie Ly

ALBUQUERQUE – American Federation of Teachers New Mexico (AFTNM) President Stephanie Ly and Albuquerque Teachers Federation President Ellen Bernstein released the following statement:

“Today’s ruling from Judge Thomson comes as welcome news for the thousands of educators across New Mexico who have been seeking relief from Governor Martinez and Secretary of Education Hannah Skandera’s test-and-punish ‘reforms.’

Albuquerque Teachers Federation President Ellen Bernstein

“Judge Thomson made the correct and important decision to halt the use of high-stakes testing to make employment, advancement, and licensure decisions based on tests, which were not designed as a measure of educator effectiveness, but rather a measure of student achievement.

“We owe a debt of gratitude to the educators, superintendents, and New Mexico policy-makers across the state who spoke out in defense of public education, our students, and our communities.

“We look forward to a full hearing on New Mexico’s teacher evaluation system in April of 2016, and are grateful that in the meantime, educators can breathe a little easier and focus their efforts on providing the best education possible for our students without fear for their continued employment or career advancement.”

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