AFT Joins National Campaign To Tax Rich

From the Albuquerque Teachers Federation:

ALBUQUERQUE — The Albuquerque Teachers Federation released today the following message:

We owe billions to students of color, low-income students, and students with disabilities.

For more than 40 years, Title 1 and IDEA have been underfunded. In just the last decade, they have been underfunded by more than $580 billion. It’s time to pay our debt! It’s time to Fund our Future! It’s time the rich paid their fair share.

As part of The American Federation of Teachers’ (AFT) campaign to Fund our Future, the Albuquerque Teachers Federation (ATF) is joining the Alliance to Reclaim our Schools (AROS) and the Tax The Rich Bus Tour. The tour is noon Saturday, July 20 in Albuquerque’s Civic Plaza.

Elected leaders such as U.S. Rep. Deb Haaland, State Sen. Jerry Ortiz y Pino and State Sen. Antoinette Sedillo-Lopez, as well as representatives from OLÉ and Working Families, will join AFT President Dr. Ellen Bernstein in demanding action.

Our debt to our students and their schools has a simple solution”. The Keeping Our Promise to America’s Children and Teachers (PACT) Act (S. 3699), sponsored by Sen. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) will:

  • Create a 10-year plan to increase annual funding for Title 1 and IDEA
  • Prioritize students by making Title 1 and IDEA funding mandatory
  • Repay 40 years of federal funding shortages to our most vulnerable students
  • Increase appropriations over the next decade
  • Provide relief for state and local education budgets that have been bearing the burden of the underfunding.

The Tax the Rich Bus Tour will make it clear that the American people want the wealthiest individuals and the biggest corporations to pay their fair share in taxes.

“Everybody says they care about kids, but nobody wants to pay for public education,” President Bernstein said. “By fixing the tax code, we can begin to repay the $55 billion annual shortfall in federal funding that has short changed our students of color, kids in poverty, and kids with disabilities.”

It’s time to confront our broken promise to students and pay our debt to our public schools.