A.B.L.E. At Full Body Health And Fitness July 20

Sarah Downs and Nik Allen are brand ambassadors for A.B.L.E New Mexico. Courtesy photo


One portable fitness tool and you are A.B.L.E to do anything. Sarah Downs and Nik Allen have brought a revolutionary product, A.B.L.E, to Los Alamos that is sure to peak the interest of many fitness gurus.

Downs will share tips about Fitness and the A.B.L.E product 4-7 p.m., July 20 at UNM-LA during the Full Body Health and Fitness Event. At the event guests will have a chance to win a package of gifts from Sarah Downs and Nik Allen. Ang Hernandez, an instructor at CrossFit, is giving away a free introduction session with A.B.L.E. Susan Budlong, a certified kettle bell instructor, is giving away two free, one hour kettle bell sessions. Plus, guests will have a chance to train with Downs and Allen personally. They are giving away an A.B.L.E. abs training session and you can bring a friend.  

“A.B.L.E stands for Advanced Bodyweight Leverage Equipment. No weights. No cables. No set-up. They are portable, durable, and deliver a total-body workout anywhere, whether you’re a beginner, a trainer looking to challenge your clients, or a professional athlete. A.B.L.E allows you to load your muscles and perform compound moves that mimic free weights. Use them on your feet with our Toe Lock design for dozens of challenging ab, core, and leg moves,” Luke Brown, the creator and owner of ABLE, said.

A.B.L.E. is a new invention out of Seattle that Downs and Allen not only train with, but also represent as brand ambassadors for A.B.L.E New Mexico. Brown came up with the idea three years ago and has since used 3D printing to create and test the perfect product. More information is available on the website, www.fitnesshardware.com.  

Downs and Allen are both local fitness gurus. They are passionate about fitness and want to help others achieve a great fitness routine. Downs spoke about her own experience adding, “A.B.L.E is unique because of its ability to work so many different things on almost any surface. You have the ability to do cardio, endurance, and strength. Upper and lower body as well as abs at any time.”

A.B.L.E can be used on carpeting, rugs, faux wood floors, vinyl, astro-turf, track and field, rubberized sports courts, tennis courts, etc.

Some benefits of A.B.L.E. include:

  • Smooth, multi-directional movement for infinite workout possibilities
  • Toe-Lock design for use on the feet
  • Use on carpet, gym floors, faux wood floors, even smooth concrete
  • Rotating over-sized steel handles with silicone grips for comfort
  • User weight limit of 350 pounds
  • Super tough and impact resistant ABS construction
  • TPU rubber bumpers deflect impact energy if they collide
  • Fitness tracker compatible
  • Patent pending design
  • Simple maintenance
  • Designed to stack for space saving storage

For more information about these package deals look up Facebook page, Full Body Health and Fitness (link: https://www.facebook.com/FullBodyHealthandFitness). For any direct questions on the event send a message or an email to Kaylen M. Pocaterra, event coordinator, at kpocaterra1@gmail.com

Discover A.B.L.E. New Mexico with #beAblefitnm #fitnesshardwear. Check out their Facebook page, FitnessHardwareNM.


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