5-Steps To A Clutter Free House

5-Steps To A Clutter Free House (that’s easier to sell)
By James Chrobocinski

Decluttering is one of the first things to do before you list your home, but the process of decluttering can be frustrating for many.

Follow these five clutter-tackling steps to increase the value of your home (and enjoy your space.)

  • Start with a small area.

Closet, shelves and cupboards are good starting points. By marking of a small and well-defined area you make it possible to finish the job in less than a half-hour and gain the satisfaction of seeing your results.

If you get frustrated with, put off dealing with or simply find yourself avoiding an area of your house, start there. The more a mess bugs you, the more satisfying it will be to clear out, and faster your house will be ready to put on the market.

  • Go through your stuff one item at a time.

Consider each tangible item and ask yourself if it is currently part of your life. If not, toss it.

Brooks Palmer is the author of Clutter Busting; Letting Go of What’s Holding You Back. As a professional clutter buster, Palmer helps his clients clear out their houses, by going through each of their belongings and asking the question, “Do I love this, or can I let it go?”

People who are about to put their house on the market should do this in every room of their house.

  • Get rid of junk right away.

Keep a pack bag, a trash bag and a donation bag handy when you go through your area. When you’re finished with your clutter busting session, take the trash out to the curb right away.

  • Give everything a home.

It is easier to keep a space clean when you decide where each thing belongs.

“Clutter is anything and everything that has no place,” wrote Kristyn Grewell in her article Clutter Busting Your House Before You List (http://blog.sellametrohome.com/2013/01/clutter-busting-your-house-before-you.html.)

By giving everything you own its own home, your space will appear more organized. Once you’ve designated a place for everything and consistently putting things back there when you are done with them.

Grewel advises making a list of everything that has been left out after you’ve finished throwing items away. Those are the things that need a home. Go shopping for attractive baskets and bins for the things on your list so you will be able to put them away every time.

  • Invite a friend to check your work.

Choose a friend who will notice every little thing. Show that person through your rooms and ask him or her to point out areas that they think look cluttered. This will give you an idea of what a buyer will notice when they come into the house.

When you’re done with these five steps you should be closer to listing your home.

Editor’s note: James Chrobocinski Owner/Qualifying Broker of Zia Realty Group can be reached at james@ziarealtygroup.com, (505)695-3400 or www.ziarealtygroup.com.


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