2021 Super Flower Blood Moon Viewed From White Rock

Stages of the 2021 super flower blood moon eclipse viewed early this morning from White Rock. A lunar eclipse happens when the moon moves into the Earth’ s shadow, which blocks the sun’s light. Unlike a solar eclipse, people can look directly at the moon with the naked eye. There are reasons for this total lunar eclipse’s exotic-sounding nicknames. Total lunar eclipses tend to give the moon a reddish hue. That’s the ‘blood’ part. The Farmers Almanac ascribes various nicknames to full moons for each month. The May moon is typically called the ‘flower moon’. This moon also will be among the closest to Earth on its elliptical path, making it appear a little brighter and bigger than usual, that’s the ’supermoon’ part. Source: CNET Science. Photos by Nancy Ann Hibbs