2021 1st Qtr. Daily Postcard Contest Winner: Jenn Donley

2021 first quarter Daily Postcard contest winner Jenn Donley on Monday in front of the Los Alamos Daily Post. She will receive $100 for her winning photo. Photo by Jenn Bartram/ladailypost.com
The winning Daily Postcard for the first quarter of 2021 is ‘Colorful Sunset Descends Over Golf Course’ taken Feb. 24 at the Los Alamos Golf Course. Photo by Jenn Donley 
Los Alamos Daily Post

The 2021 first quarter Daily Postcard Photography Contest winner is Jenn Donley. She will receive a $100 prize for submitting her winning photo, “Colorful Sunset Descends Over Golf Course” taken Feb. 24 at Los Alamos Golf Course.

The judges explained that they chose this photo because, “this photo combined a beautiful rendition of a colorful sunset with marvelous composition”. 

Donley has been a scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory since 2012 and takes photos as a hobby.

About the Daily Postcard Photography Contest:

Los Alamos residents Robert and Ann Wells established a fund in 2017 at the Los Alamos Arts Council whose purpose is to award a prize of $100 to the photographer who submits the best photograph of the quarter published as a Daily Postcard in the Los Alamos Daily Post newspaper.

“We have been impressed by the steady development of the Los Alamos Daily Post as a comprehensive community news source and have especially enjoyed the variety of photos submitted for publication by local citizens. The photo prize hopefully will motivate even more variety of photos and provide recognition for local photographers, which may be of particular benefit to those considering professional careers,” Robert Wells said at the time.

Robert and Ann Wells asked that a panel of three photographers be chosen, one by the Wells, one by Post staff and one by the Arts Council. The photographers for this first quarter of 2021 award are Ken Hanson, T.K. Thompson and Don Taylor.

Local photographers are encouraged to submit photos for consideration to caclark@ladailypost.com.