Zia Realty Group Continues Business Expansion

Zia Realty Group owner James Chrobocinski with Pearl White and David Horpedahl in front of the company’s new offices Wednesday at 15th Street and Trinity Drive. Photo by Carol A. Clark/ladailypost.com


Los Alamos Daily Post
After living in Corpus Christi for several years, James Chrobocinski returned to Los Alamos a few months ago armed with an ambitious business plan.
He launched Zia Realty Group, 1460 Ste. 1, Trinity Drive, and said he intended to grow the local residential and commercial real estate office, open a Santa Fe branch later this year and expand statewide within seven years.
With recent developments, Chrobocinski is well on his way to realizing his plan. Jan 1, he purchased the real estate division of REA from owner Pearl White. His purchase of Los Alamos Properties from owner David Horpedahl became effective this morning.
“The reason I approached Pearl and David is because I thought we would create a much stronger and healthier real estate market in Los Alamos if we gathered some of these smaller agencies under one roof and worked together instead of competing with each other,” Chrobocinski said. “I saw that Pearl and David were successful and felt that we could all be even more successful working together.”
Chrobocinski also commended other Realtors in agencies working throughout Los Alamos and White Rock.
“This community is very fortunate to have such professional, diligent and ethical Realtors,” he said. “I believe they represent their clients in the best possible way.”
With the purchase of REA and Los Alamos Properties, Chrobocinski has picked up 2012 Realtor of the Year Francine Mendoza and other high volume producers.
“Pearl has continued to be our top producer since we joined forces in January,” he said.
White has been a local Realtor since 1994. She purchased REA in 2008. She has kept ownership of her property management division and now works her real estate sales and listings under Zia Realty Group.
White explained why she decided to sell the real estate portion of her company to Chrobocinski.
“James made me an offer I couldn’t refuse and my property management business is growing and demands much more of my time,” she said.
Horpedahl purchased Los Alamos Properties in 2007 from Santa Fe Properties and explained during an interview Wednesday why he decided to sell his agency.
“After an excellent year of business, I decided we could all do better if we joined forces,” he said. “And this will allow me to spend more time selling real estate and working with the economic development groups and not so much time doing administrative work. James enjoys doing the administrative work so this is a good fit.”
Horpedahl is chair of the Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corporation (LACDC.)
“I’d like to spend more time working with the LACDC and with my clients,” he said. “With this sale we are going to have a good mix of home grown, long time and new agents coming in.”
Deborah Ulibarri was the first agent to sign on with Chrobocinski when he opened Zia Realty Group a few months ago. Today he has 19 Realtors working for him.
“I’m very proud to have the Realtors working for me from REA and very excited to welcome the Realtors from Los Alamos Properties,” Chrobocinski said. “Together we’re going to have an outstanding team.”
Apart from growing his real estate business, Chrobocinski has become involved in community activities. He is a member of the Rotary Club of Los Alamos and was recently made president of the Los Alamos Little League Association.
Chrobocinski can be reached at James@ZiaRealtyGroup.com or 695-3400.

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