Zia Credit Union Issues Over $233,000 In Emergency Loans

Zia Credit Union News:

With all the disheartening news lately, we’re all looking for stories of goodwill around the world.

To that end, Zia Credit Union has good news to share right here in our own community. In less than a week, since announcing that it would be offering emergency loans to its members, Zia Credit Union has helped nearly 60 families.

For many, the threat of being out of work and needing to make ends meet is a real concern.

“The recent pandemic of COVID-19 was something I didn’t think I needed to worry about or would even be affected by personally,” said a Zia Credit Union member who asked not to be named. “It wasn’t until my company had us prepare for the worst, to send employees to work from home for an unknown amount of time, that I started to worry. Being in Texas away from a local branch, once I heard about the emergency loan that Zia CU was offering to its members, I acted fast. Without it, I’d be in a situation that would have gone south really fast. The last thing any employee at Zia wants is to see you struggle.”

Zia Credit Union members who wish to learn more about emergency loans and other measures such as loan payment extensions should contact the local call center at (800) 392-7629.


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