Young Eagles Flight Rally Lifts Off Saturday

Pilot Jeff Scott takes to the skies from Los Alamos in his Cub. Scott is one of many pilots volunteering their time and planes for Young Eagle Rally flights this Saturday. Courtesy photo


When the weather fails on you, fly, fly again.

This Saturday, Jeff Scott, past chapter president of the local EAA program and ardent Young Eagle supporter, will help the youth of the community take to the skies once again.

After the Young Eagle event was postponed due to bad weather earlier this summer, plans were already in the making to reschedule.

The Experiemental Aircraft Association (EAA) started the Young Eagles program in 1992 to make a connection between young people and aviation and local pilot Jeff Scott has been involved since its inception. 

“With the fences and security around airports, it seems that most people view aviation as an elitist activity that is only for the wealthy,” Scott said. “The reality couldn’t be farther from the truth. Aviation is not an inexpensive hobby, but it also doesn’t have to be any more expensive than owning a boat or a new car. The Young Eagles program is designed to help break down those stereotypes and introduce young people to the world of aviation.”

The Young Eagles program is for young people ages 8-17, allowing them to fly with local pilots in hopes of lighting a spark and igniting a passion for flight.

Liftoff takes place this Saturday with registration starting at 8:30 a.m. and ending at 11:30 a.m., once again, weather permitting, .

“All of the planes involved are privately owned aircraft and are operated at the pilot’s expense. Many of the aircraft are production models build by Cessna, Piper, Mooney, or Beechcraft,” Scott said. “Others are amateur built aircraft, most of which were built by the pilots flying them.”

Those wonderful volunteers for the Young Eagles program fly at their own expense as a way of exposing young people to the joys of aviation.

“Every flight starts with a briefing about the aircraft and how it operates,” Scott said. “Pay attention because the pilot may allow you to fly the aircraft for part of the flight.”

According to Scott, young people to be much more adaptable and relaxed in the aircraft as compared to adults. While young people love getting a chance at the controls, most adults are very hesitant when put to the test.

On Saturday, Scott will be flying a clone of a Piper SuperCub, built by hand in his own shop. This pilot has experience in the building arena, with this being the third amateur aircraft he has completed and flown. 

“I have been involved in aviation for 40 years now and have been a pilot for 38 years with roughly 2800 hours of flight time,” Scott said. “One of the unique things about my flying experience is that the majority of my flight time has been in amateur build Experimental class aircraft.”

Direct questions to flight coordinator and event spokesperson, Amy Ross at 505.500.8034 or email her at Young eagles must be accompanied by a legal parent or guardian.



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