YMCA Summer Camp Kick-Off

Flags and symbols for various European countries created by YMCA campers. Courtesy photo
Campers and staff learn the Hamster dance. Courtesy photo
YMCA News:
The Family YMCA’s Summer Camp kicked off its first full week of this year’s Around the World themed camp. 
Each week, the campers and staff will be “traveling” to a different part of the world, learning about various cultures, languages, traditions and more. This week, the campers went to Europe, stopping in places like Greece, France, and Italy. 
Indulging in the European culture by way of drama, sports, science, and art, the campers were able to develop an understanding of diverse traditions and customs, while cultivating an appreciation for the world and its people.
In addition to discovering other cultures, campers also get to participate in other fun activities, such as learning new dances in drama, conducting fun science experiments, enhancing athletic abilities, discovering an appreciation for the environment, and expressing creativity through art. 
Every week, a guest speaker from the community is asked to give a brief presentation to the campers. 
This week, the kids were excited to hear from Michaelangelo Lobato, a counselor at Chamisa Elementary, as he discussed bullying and its negative impact, and encouraged campers to do all they can to prevent it.
Campers recreate Mt. Vesuvius, the volcano that destroyed Pompeii. Courtesy photo
Counselor Michaelangelo Lobato talks to campers about bullying. Courtesy photo

Campers playing outside. Courtesy photo




Campers playing outside. Courtesy photo
Campers relax outside. Courtesy photo

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