YMCA Offers Endurance Training For Cyclists

YMCA News:

The Family YMCA is offering an Endurance Training for Cyclists Class. Each class will have a two-hour riding component and a one-half hour of core conditioning. A heart rate monitor is required the first day of class. In addition, the following topics will be discussed: 

  • Proper bike fit
  • Clothing and equipment
  • Nutrition and hydration
  • Aches and pains-preventing them and what to do if you have them
  • Weekly training recommendations and how to design your own training plan

Classes will be 1-30 p.m. Sundays beginning Jan. 26 through April 13 (12 classes.) The fee is $140 for YMCA members and $185 for others. On-line registration is available.         

For more information, go to The Family YMCA website, www.laymca.org, or call 505.662.3100. Financial assistance is available thanks to United Way of Northern New Mexico, “Strong Kids” Annual Campaign and other contributors.